Who will go to Silicon Valley?

iAppContest is representing its teams on August 20-22 at iOSDevCamp Hackathon Contest.

(previously know as iPhoneDevCamp and iPadDevCamp) is an annual not-for-profit gathering to develop applications for iOS, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, using both the native SDK and web standards. .


iAppContest bringing  the winner PE Sergii Volskyi (aka GameProm)

to special Program  August 16-22 to Silicon Valley.

Program is sponsored by GlobalLogic


Congratulations to the iAppContest Winners!

Today, June 25th at GlobalLogic's Headquarter in Kiev was the Final and this is the result:

1. Pinball HD by PE Sergii Volskyi (aka Gameprom)

2. Gun Disassembly 3D by Vyacheslav Klimov

3. The Hermitage by Basil Mironenko

Bravo guys !!!

News, June 22nd: Congratulations to iAppContest Finalist!

Application were judged on three main criteria: Originality, Usability & Design.

1. Gun Disassembly 3D by Vyacheslav Klimov Game

2.  Little Colombo by Injoit Game

3.  Happy Mummy by SSA LTD Social

4.  Stone of Destiny by Avalon Game

5.  PD Maps Worldwide by PlanetDrives  GEOMap

6. The Hermitage by Basil Mironenko Culture

7. Pinball HD by PE Sergii Volskyi (aka Gameprom) Game

8. Carnivores Dinosaur by Tatem Game

9. World Sights by  Jetmind Technology Culture

10. SketchyPad by Digios Tools

iAppContest Final Event, Friday, June 25th,17:30

iAppContest  is your way to Silicon Valley


Our General Sponsor, GlobalLogic, is hosting this wonderful event.

We are happy to announce that the Final event for the iAppContest is coming to Kiev to connect Ukraine and Silicon Valley, to kick off the summer season, and to celebrate the best iPhone/iPad Apps created by Ukrainian developers.

We’ve got a great line up of finalists ready to present their apps on stage, and our panelists to discuss the best possible ways of bridging Ukraine and Silicon Valley, and of course to mix and mingle with the best Ukrainian iPhone developers.

The final event will be keynoted by Sasha Supra-Zhenko, iAppContest, GlobalLogic, and Philippe Jeudy, GeekTrip live from San Francisco.


I think you’ll be pleased and engaged in a spirited panel discussion “Bridging Ukraine and Silicon Valley” with speakers: Denis Dolgopoliy, Egor Belenkov, bloger, Pavel Bashmakov and others! We are making our best effort to attract interesting panelists to participate in the event!

Once all iAppContest’s finalists have demoed their applications we will announce the winners! Good luck and see you at the event!

Register here:https://iappcontest.eventbrite.com

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Hurry up Space is limited


iAppContest , sponsored by GlobalLogic, is designed to recognize the most creative iPhone developers in Ukraine.Have you created a cool iPhone or iPad application? Are you finishing one right now? Hurry and enter the first iPhone/iPad Application Contest in Ukraine! The iAppContest.com is created exclusively for Ukrainian developers but our Team is international :-). The purpose of the Contest is to show your talent to the world! It will be open to the public April 16th – June 14th. You can participate by developing and submitting applications, evaluating and scoring applications, or both.

Contest Calendar •    Apps Submissions from   - April 16th to June 1st •    Additional Submissions June1st to June 14th •    3 Winners will be announced on stage on June 25th at GL Club in Kiev,Ukraine


Register here:https://iappcontest.eventbrite.com Space is limited!

iAppContest AWARD The Winner will be rewarded by a one week tailored program, focusing on networking, pitching and marketing a product in Silicon Valley, CA, USA.2nd and 3rd place will be rewarded by iPad
*Our contest is supported by Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco, CA.
CHECK OUT OUR BLOG FOR UPDATES Кто поедет в Силиконовую Долину? Об этом мы узнаем 19 Июня когда будем объявлять результаты iAppContest первого в Восточной Европе конкурса разработчиков iPhone/iPad. Троих победителей выберет компетентное украинско-американское жюри. 

Сегодня мы поздравляем всех с началом iAppContest!
 А пока  если у вас есть готовое приложение  просто загружайте его видео на www.iappcontest.com. За приложения можно будет голосовать.
Контест будет проведен в трех основных категориях 1. Развлекательные
2. Социальные 3. Бизнес (вы найдете много подкатегорий, в которое можно определить ваше приложение)

Кто может принять участие? Любой гражданин Украины, либо компания зарегистрированная на территории Украины, у которой(ого) есть разработанное iPhone/iPad Приложение(я).  
Наш Contest поддержан Генеральным консульством Украины в США



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