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Get Your Apps Ready for iOS 4.2 Now

  Photo(2)  1.    iOS 4.2 will soon be in the hands of millions of customers around the world. Make sure that your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch apps incorporate all the exciting features in iOS 4.2, including:
    2.    Multitasking - Multitasking services allow your apps to perform tasks in the background including playing audio, push notifications, receiving location change events, and more.
    3.    Game Center - With the Game Kit API, you can implement Game Center functionality such as submitting and displaying achievements, scores, and leaderboards, and establishing multiplayer games. 

    4.    AirPrint - iOS 4.2 allows you to easily enable instant wireless printing from your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch apps.
    5.    Submit Your Apps Today
    6.    Build, test, compile, and submit your apps for review using iOS 4.2 SDK GM seed so they can be ready when iOS 4.2 is available to users around the world.


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