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iAppContest's winner in Silicon Valley

iAppContest is bringing its winner Pinball HD to Silicon VAlley. Silicon Valley is a place where you can learn how to develop your business and market your product.

We are bringing our winner to meet main palyers in gaming  market here in Silicon Valley. iAppContest is supported by Consulate General of Ukraine

Consulate General of Ukraine -logo


Here is the list of the Companies our winner will visit:

SGN, Social Gaming Network, is a leading publisher and developer of social mobile games.SGN-Logo
To date, SGN games have been downloaded on mobile devices more than 17 million times and featured on "favorites" lists from The New York Times and the like. Connectivity is key, and by bringing gamers and developers together, SGN leads the way toward a more meaningful and socially-engaging future.


Mobclix,is the industry's largest mobile ad exchange network via its sophisticated open marketplace platform and comprehensive account 517046_Mobclix_Logo management solution for iPhone application developers, advertisers, ad networks, and agencies.




Accel Partners is a venture capital firm that has been dedicated for over 25 years to supporting Accel_be_first_headerentrepreneurs who possess the unique insight to define new categories and build world-class companies. For over 25 years, Accel and its entrepreneurs have shared a common vision: be first. First to see the opportunity, first to define a category, and first to transform the industry.


GetJar is the world’s second largest app store with over 1 billion downloads to date, second only to the Apple App Store.GetJar_logo_with_shadow The company’s key point of difference is its open market approach , which allows GetJar to deliver applications for both feature phones and smartphones across all major platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Symbian among others.


OpenFeint is a service that enables your iPhone/iPod Touch application the ability to provide online score tracking. Of_logo
The service is free and can easily be incorporated into your applications. Accelerate your game's social distribution with out of network invites on the largest mobile online gaming network - 35 million players.

VentureBeat is the leading site that covers news about innovation.

VentureBeat’s mission is to provide news about innovation for forward-thinking executives.  In 2008, the New York Times called VentureBeat one of the “best blogs on the Web,” and now the NYT runs VentureBeat’s articles on its web site. In March 2009, VentureBeat signed a partnership agreement with IDG to produce DEMO, the leading conference for launching emerging technology products.


The event is inspired by BarCamp, SuperHappyDevHouse, and MacHack, to develop Cocoa Touch and Web-based applications for Apple’s iOS. This follows the previous iPhoneDevCamp events held at Adobe Systems in San Francisco, July 2007 and August 2008, Yahoo! in 2009, and PayPal earlier this year. Out-of-town guests are welcome.

Attendees will include iOS developers, web developers, UI designers, entrepreneurs and testers, all working together over the weekend. Development projects will include both solo and team efforts. While some attendees will wish to work solo during the event, we encourage attendees to team up, based on expertise, to work in ad-hoc project development teams. All attendees should be prepared to work on a development project during the event.


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